Residency Management Suite

Our Residency Management Suite unifies program and resident information into a centralized data warehouse. It allows users to complete tasks historically performed using multiple, incompatible methods, through single common interface.

An individual Program, Practice, or Fellowship can use the Residency Management Suite to assist with scheduling, case logging, evaluations, monitoring conference attendance, duty hours and general personnel tracking.

Specific Graduate Medical Education Tools and Capabilities
  • Our IRIS module allows GME and finance personnel to collect and export IRIS information for Medicare Cost Reports.
  • Use our Billing module to invoice funding sources for resident training costs.
  • Prepare and track RRC or Internal Review documentation, dates and results.
  • Maintain affiliation agreements with automatic renewal reminders.
  • Easily gather information from across the institution and conduct reporting for all departments.
  • Customize reporting to address specific requests and provide relevant information.
  • Send institution wide evaluations out to any set of individuals.
  • Demographic centralization and customization helps manage multiple aspects of medical personnel data.
Scheduling Overview

Whether maintaining Rotation or Call schedules, staffing a Clinic or coordinating ER Shifts, our suite provides centralized entry and quick distribution of all schedule information including quick access options for all support staff.

The Scheduling features of the Management Suite are diverse:

  • Block Schedules handle long term rotation service schedules.
  • Assignment Schedules handle short term scheduling.
  • Curriculum handles the distribution of curricular goals and objectives.
  • MedScheduler is a specialized desktop software dedicated to the needs of schedule administrators.

The Block Schedule allows administrators to build and maintain the annual rotation schedule from any internet ready PC. Using a simple interface, administrators have the ability to generate a monthly printable schedule for the entire department including rotators if desired. All personnel in the institution with access to our software have the ability to view their personal schedule for any time period.

  • Web interface entry of departmental block schedules.
  • Ability to view block schedules for any number of intervals.
  • Ability to configure and save templates for viewing specific schedule data.
  • Easily edit an individual's block schedule.
  • User can view their personal schedule and any rotational contact information.
  • Block schedules can be used to help generate evaluations.
  • Personnel can be made available to schedule in several different departments.

Whether maintaining a Call schedule, staffing a Clinic, or coordinating ER Shifts, our daily assignment scheduling features facilitate centralized entry and quick distribution of the schedule.

Daily schedule functions can:

  • Automatically convert scheduled Call, Clinic assignments and Conference attendance into resident duty hour logs.
  • Accommodate requests for days off or assignments on specific days.
  • Associate rotation information with daily clinic and shift schedules.
  • Integrate duty hour logs and the rotation schedule into our IRIS functions.
  • Coordinate complete daily activity schedules including Call, Clinic, and Conferences displayed  on a single schedule.
  • Distribute daily call schedules across the system to Paging Operators, Nurses and other Support Staff.

Rotation Curriculum, Goals and Objectives may be attached to specific rotations so that residents have access to review required materials in conjunction with their rotation schedule.

  • Ability to assign curriculum for a particular rotation.
  • Ability to assign curriculum for a particular status type.
  • Email notifications reminding residents to view their curriculum may be configured by administrators to be sent a specific number of days prior to the start of the rotation.
  • Administrators can choose to have residents provide a online confirmation indicating they have reviewed the curriculum materials.

The MedScheduler is a Windows desktop application for creating and editing all of your program's schedules. The software provides intuitive point-and-click functionality, quick response and the ability to administer schedules off line. Features permit intelligent configurations for scheduling rules and guidelines as well as the ability to view quick counts of scheduled people with clear heads-up display of information.

Complete Evaluations

The Evaluations module provides a program or institution the tools necessary to gather and compile data on the performance of their personnel and their rotation experience.  A complete 360° evaluation process can be achieved by setting up rules to automatically generate evaluations for all of the residents, faculty, and other ancillary staff.

  • Automatically generate evaluations for all people assigned to a rotation.
  • Allow evaluators to submit evaluations anonymously.
  • Print individual evaluations.
  • Require electronic signature of both evaluators and/or subjects.
  • Generate compiled reports for any time period displaying Peer or departmental average, individual average, minimum and maximum scores, standard deviation or listing of all scores
  • Ability to include comments
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Ability to generate reports showing evaluations that were not completed
  • Allow people to choose to evaluate individuals not assigned to them
Manage Conferences

The conference module allows administrators to track conference attendance. They can add one or more file attachments to a conference which may be viewed by personnel expected to attend the conference. Speakers can be assigned to the conference and depending on the department’s configuration choices, the speakers can receive an email reminder before the conference takes place. Personnel with proper privileges assigned, may take their own attendance. Attendance features are also available on mobile PDA devices. 

  • Conference attendance reports.
  • Ability to create recurring conferences.
  • File attachment capabilities.
  • Individual attendance tracking.
  • Speaker assignments with email reminders.
  • Linking of Core Competencies with specified conferences.
  • Ability to divide conferences by Categories and Sub Categories.
Tracking Duty Hours

The Duty Hours module allows programs to track hours worked for each resident. Rules may be configured to match the ACGME Standards or be customized for specific program requirements. Rule validations are run each time a resident enters hours. Rule violations appear on the residents schedule for easy detection and violations details are available to both residents and administrators through quick reports.

  • Custom configuration of rules that a program prefers to enforce.
  • Import the daily schedule to create duty hours entries and reduce repeated data entry.
  • Compliance and Violation Reports.
  • Projected Hours Reports that proactively identify potential violations.
  • Sign off options that require residents to verify complete log entry.
Log Procedures/Diagnoses for Cases

Our suite collects logged procedures and diagnoses from either online entry or via Smart Phone or PDA.

  • Supervisors can confirm procedures and give a pass/fail status.
  • E-Mails can be configured to be sent to supervisors reminding them to confirm procedures.
  • Residents can be either automatically credentialed for a procedure when requirements are met or be credentialed manually by an administrator.
  • Residents and Administrators can be notified via E-Mail when procedure credentialing requirements have been met.
  • Several different reports are included to track a resident’s progress as procedures are logged.
  • The procedure entry page can be customized to show/hide fields that each department does or does not want to track.
Continuity Clinic Patient Tracking

The Continuity Clinic module allows patient history and diagnoses tracking by the residents. Data can also be shared between residents and departments. Reports are provide diagnoses and patient history data.

  • Custom configurations allow access to patient data by individual resident, all residents in a department or other departments.
  • Patient names can be hidden form display to protect anonymity.
  • Reports will track the history of patient visits.
  • Totals for diagnoses can be tracked through reports.
  • Sensitive information can be excluded from reports.
  • Data can be shared with the Procedure Logger so that a physician can log a patient visit in the Continuity Clinic module and log a procedure in the Procedure Logger module at the same time.
Resident Portfolios

The Management Suite facilitates the creation and maintenance of resident portfolios by gathering a resident’s cumulative scholarly activities, statistics and evaluation results.

Our Portfolio feature allows users to develop profiles from:

  • Collected Scholarly Activity logs
  • Evaluation results
  • Conference attendance statistics
  • Logged Procedure levels
  • Rotations worked on the Block Rotation Schedule
Mobile Applications for Smartphones and PDAs

Our mobile applications allow users to enter and review data anywhere they go. All data may be easily synchronized to the central New Innovations database for immediate reporting in the suite.

  • Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone devices are supported.
  • Devices synchronize directly to the NI server to get the most current information.
  • Simplified installation downloads from the Web.
  • Includes Conferences, Duty Hours, Procedure Logging, Information Listing, Personal Schedules.

The IRIS module allows GME and finance personnel to gather and export IRIS information for their Medicare Cost Reports based on the demographic and rotation information contained in the entire institutional database.

  • Demographics information is pulled directly from Personnel Data.
  • Rotational information is pulled directly from the Block Schedule.
  • GME, Weighted GME and IME figures are calculated on command.
  • Export to dBase functionality available.
  • Import legacy IRIS information functionality available.
  • GME and IME figures can be calculated from either the Block Schedule information, or the Duty Hours Log.
  • Extensive reporting for all aspects of the IRIS module.

The billing module allows finance personnel to bill their funding sources for resident training costs. It enables an institution to configure custom "Contracts" that define the contractual obligations between itself and its funding sources.

  • Automatically calculates moneys due/owed "on the fly" for configured contracts.
  • Based on each resident's block schedule.
  • Allows a considerable portion of an institution's billing process to be automated.
  • Supports internal and external funding sources.
  • Supports grants.
  • Extensive reporting for all aspects of the billing module.

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